Android Notifications Overview

Android Native: Notifications

Android notifications are crucial means of communication, appearing outside of your application's UI. They serve various purposes, from reminding users of important events to enticing them to re-engage with your application.

With this Unreal Engine plugin, you gain the power to craft custom notifications, leveraging features like direct texture integration for images within blueprints. Once created, these notifications can be promptly displayed or scheduled for future delivery.

Enhance user engagement and retention in your Unreal Engine Android mobile application today by integrating notifications seamlessly.

The Unreal Engine Plugin

The Unreal Engine plugin for Android Notifications SDK API is an easy to use tool which makes use of a builder sender style. The entire plugin is entirely exposed to blueprints allowing you to build your notifications up as much as you want in advance and send them when the time is right.

Some key features include:

Direct Image Input in Blueprint Nodes
Notification Scheduling
Notification Permission Management
Notification Channel Management

Notification Permissions

Notification Channels

Notification Channel Groups

Notification Building