In App Review Overview

The Google Play Service: In App Reviews

The Google Play In-App Review service enables you to seamlessly request users to provide ratings and reviews on the Play Store, all within your app or game, eliminating the need for them to exit the app.

By utilizing this service and adhering to Google's guidelines for timing review requests to stay within the specified quotas, you can enhance the probability of obtaining ratings and reviews for your app or game on the Google Play Store.

The Unreal Engine Plugin

Introducing the Unreal Engine plugin for the In App Review Service, a powerful tool that brings the benifits of the built-in Google Play Core Library directly to your Unreal Engine projects. This plugin is designed to expose the ability to request in-app reviews to blueprint scripting, simplifying the integration process for game developers.

Our plugin provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface seamlessly integrated into the Unreal Engine editor, making it effortless to make use of the service. Whether you're a seasoned Unreal Engine developer or new to the platform, our plugin empowers you to make use of the In App Review Service, thereby improving your chances of receiving ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store.

The plugin makes use of no additional libraries or imports, but instead makes use of the built in google play services SDK already within Unreal Engine, meaning the size of your game bundle will hardly increase in size.

The plugin does not interfere with any of Unreal Engine's existing functionality, meaning no compilation conflicts with other Unreal Engine provided libraries can occur and all existing Google Play Services provided by Unreal Engine will work as expected.